Info : The Types of Skirts (Bermacam-macam Rok)

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Every woman is identical with the feminine style, and usually always identified with feminine style skirt. For the fashionista who is happy to experiment with style skirt, these are the types of skirts can be your choice for the style this weekend. The following selection of assorted batikmodernindonesia’s skirt :), please check this out :
  • Straight skirt, kind of skirt made from thick with a model that is straight from top to bottom.
    Cargo skirt, skirt with waistband and pockets a lot, such as cargo pants.
  • Hobble skirt, tight long skirt, with a slit that aims to facilitate the wearer in walking.
  • A line skirt, The slim skirt on the top and broad at the bottom, like a big letter A shape.
  • Pencil skirt, as the name suggests, this skirt shrank at the bottom like a pencil.
  • Maxi skirt, with a long skirt below the knee or at mid calf.
  • Midi skirt, this one is inversely proportional to the maxi skirt, the skirt length is right at the knee.
  • Mini skirt, limited short skirt thigh, or shorter than that, with length limited to the groin is usuallycalled the micromini skirt.
  • High waist skirt, skirt with high cut, waist. Where is the bottom model with pencil skirt.

Variant of pencil skirt

Pleated Skirt

Hobble Skirt wih rumple

Long-Hobble skirt

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