Batik Jumputan | Batik Khas Blitar

Batik Jumputan ‘Blitar’

Haii fashionistaa…meet again with batik edition …:)

already in the know yet about batik jumputan? batik jumputan like what the heck is it?
1. Definition

What is Batik Jumputan it? Basically the same batik Jumputan basically similar to batik, namely handicraft painting over a piece of cloth. The difference is only a technique or medium alone. If the batik coloring using night / wax, if batik jumputan using raffia rope / rubber / yarn and small small pieces of bamboo tied to the fabric.

Jumputan batik has its own artistic value. Elegance of style and color is influenced by the skills of craftsmen. Results style and color that arise depending on the raw materials of cloth, how, creations and dyes are used. So no one if the value of one (1) piece of batik jumputan very high-value price, compared with other batik.

2. What raw materials?

The raw material used is woven from natural fibers, such as:  type of cotton, rayon or a mixture of cotton and rayon, or even by type of silk fabric. Because the fabric types are capable of absorbing dye and the cloth itself when used cool and more comfortable (to absorb sweat). Similarly, the dye used is easily available in the market generally. Example of this type of reactive dyes, dye vessel, director, naptol or pigments or can be by natural substances (tuber turmeric, mangosteen rind, flowers at four and others).

3. How to process?

Jumputan is one way of creating patterns on cloth by tying a cloth and then dyeing or dyeing done. Fabrics with motifs jumputan is found in many regions of Surakarta and DI Yogyakarta. The process of making this fabric is not as difficult as imagined only by tying a cloth and dyeing in the dye, a good jumputan patterned cloth that can be made scarves, angkin, and at present many are made garments like blouse, T-shirts, kebaya and fancy dress party .

4. What’s the difference?

Differences jumputan with other batik lies in the weave. Batik jumputan not use candles or night. Manufacturing process was so easy that we will be able to apply it to make the desired items such as tablecloths, sheets, or clothes

hopefully you already know about what it is ‘batik jumputan’ 🙂

this is characteristic of batik is batik jumputan Blitar

Hereby the example of batik pattern 🙂

Batik Jumputan Blitar


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